Investing in bookkeeping services in Sonoma County seems like an expense to some. While it technically is, you should look at it as more of an investment. Accurate business records inform your business decisions and help determine its success or failure. At Virtual Jeannie, our team understands the importance of these services and their relationship with your company’s success.

  • Transparency

Even the smallest numbers can have a big impact. Since assets continually lose value after they are purchased, you need to maintain awareness of these financials in order to consider percentages that are deducted to reflect depreciation. This can influence profits before and after taxes and help you understand how your business is performing. Investing in this kind of transparency shows investors a lot about how much you care for your business.

  • Tax Liabilities

As a small business owner or corporation, taxes can be fairly high, especially if you’re generating large profits. And while there are ways to reduce this tax burden, it requires accurate financials to paint a clear picture of your business to the government. Inaccuracies and a lack of detail in financial statements can lead to fines during an audit.

  • Error Reduction

Keeping your finances accurate and detailed require you to catch mistakes before they become a problem. And if there is any kind of illegal activity going on, you need to address it before it turns into something that can harm your company’s finances and image. If you’re wondering why large companies and corporations invest so much time in reconciling their books, the main reason is error reduction.

  • Making Better Decisions

Using your finances, you can make the most informed decisions for your company. With all of your finances spot-on, you will have a better idea of what you need to do to continue growing your business and the steps you need to take to get there.


Your day-to-day operations are affected when you are not investing time in the maintenance of clear, accurate financials. This makes it harder to know where your business stands.

Virtual Jeannie Bookkeeping Services in Sonoma County

While balancing your books might not be glamorous, hiring the right bookkeeping services in Sonoma County is crucial to your success. To learn more about our company and our work in the industry, contact us today.