The Differences Between Full-service Payroll and In-House Payroll Services in Santa Rosa

In choosing the style of payroll services your Santa Rosa company will operate, it’s vital that you consider the full range of options available. One of the leading decisions you’ll have to make is choosing between an outsourced full-service payroll option and an in-house option. Our team at Virtual Jeannie has experience in this area of the marketplace and in this latest post, we’re explaining more about the differences between the two leading payroll options. In-house teams are learning on the job One of the leading challenges to employing in-house payroll teams is they’re often learning on the job. This [...]

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The Benefits of Online Bookkeeping Services in Sonoma County

When you’re working with a specialist for bookkeeping services, you can turn to their expertise at any time for assistance with your accounts. Our team at Virtual Jeannie are leaders within the online bookkeeping services marketplace in Sonoma County, and within this latest post we’ll present our guide to the benefits of online bookkeeping services. Greater accuracy Humans make more mistakes with their bookkeeping work than computers. And online bookkeeping services in Sonoma County are known to automate part of the bookkeeping process so that calculations are made automatically rather than by hand or through a person using a calculator. [...]

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