When you’re working with a specialist for bookkeeping services, you can turn to their expertise at any time for assistance with your accounts. Our team at Virtual Jeannie are leaders within the online bookkeeping services marketplace in Sonoma County, and within this latest post we’ll present our guide to the benefits of online bookkeeping services.

Greater accuracy

Humans make more mistakes with their bookkeeping work than computers. And online bookkeeping services in Sonoma County are known to automate part of the bookkeeping process so that calculations are made automatically rather than by hand or through a person using a calculator. It’s how bookkeeping teams can assure greater accuracy within their work.

Superior efficiency

Because online bookkeeping services are designed to eliminate the need to have input data directly within the system, they can help streamline some of the more tedious or challenging accounting jobs for your team. Bookkeeping teams communicate with clients, conduct checks of current accounts and control vendor payments effectively to minimize time and cost involved in these working processes.

Quick access to data

As a business owner, you may find that questions arise concerning your accounts at a moment’s notice. Working with a specialist for online bookkeeping services in Sonoma County can help ensure that data is available around the clock. You won’t have to waste time researching the data and taking time to go through the records. The information can be made available to you in minutes.


One of the more challenging accounting elements for any business owner is managing compliance with government authorities such as the IRS. Making sure that your records are accessible and controlled effectively is critical for full compliance. A leading class bookkeeping service can help ensure your records are controlled with precision and that all laws are complied with and followed according to the latest regulations.

Our trusted team at Virtual Jeannie can guide you in building the ideal bookkeeping system for your firm. To learn more about our services, call us today.