Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hire A Professional Bookkeeper?

– Why shouldn’t I do it myself?

When a company is concerned about its cash flow, do it yourself bookkeeping appears attractive. However, accurate bookkeeping is a critical asset to your business. Small business owners in Sonoma County can keep afloat by making sure all possible tax deductions are claimed, by monitoring cash flow, and keeping records up to date.  Ask yourself this:  “Where is my time, money, energy best spent in running my business?”

Here are the most important reasons to hire a professional.

  • We take the burden off of you so that you can focus on running / growing your business.
  • We have the software and resources needed to prepare financials statements
  • We can handle the payroll / payroll taxes on your behalf
  • We can help with invoicing and making those sometimes unpleasant collection calls
Why should I choose Virtual Jeannie?

We use a “Balance Sheet” approach to completing financial statements which, in turn, decrease your annual tax return preparation costs. We are a lot of fun to work with and try to make bookkeeping fun and not a chore. We put bookkeeping in terms that our clients understand and make it a point to have clients involved in their bookkeeping. Having a wide referral base, we can offer the services of others to assist in clients’ needs.

– What type of businesses do you like to work with?

Small, medium, and large business are great. Especially business owners who need bookkeeping services done on a monthly basis.

– What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, and bank cards in the near future.

– Where are you located?

Santa Rosa, CA. We can work with clients located in any city as much of the work is done electronically.

– Can you help me get organized?

Yes, please contact us today!