By understanding the full range of support services available to your company, you can untether the business from traditional and failing forms of management. Our Santa Rosa team at Virtual Jeannie are experts in small business bookkeeping services and in our new post, we’re highlighting the value that online payroll and bookkeeping can bring to your firm.

Cloud support offers instant access

The use of cloud computing to provide online payroll services means that the small business in Santa Rosa has access to their bookkeeping records from any computer at any time of the day. The accessible nature of the service means that business owners can respond in the moment to any issue that arises and can see their current financial records in real-time using any device. This can help support seamless auditing and responsive financial management.

Integration with current software

The leading online payroll systems now integrate effectively with other payment tools used by growing companies. This means that instead of having to work with an expert to ensure integration is successful, the software is already adapted to the business’s software suite. The synchronization of the software with current systems also means that the software can add to the functionality of the current technology, helping business owners achieve an even greater return on their investment.

Automated payment management

Online payroll services are designed to automate many of the steps companies were previously completing manually. For example, consolidating records for each employee into one system can now be completed at the touch of a button. Other information can also be automatically updated the moment a change takes place. For example, the leading tools track vacation days and sick days used by employees to help warn managers when an employee is close to reaching their maximum. This can be important in ensuring each team member is aware of their work hours and that managers have a clear handle on the resources at their disposal.

Our experienced team at Virtual Jeannie in Santa Rosa can help your business handle in small business bookkeeping requirements. To discover more about our full range of services, call today.